Jan. 15th, 2011

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May I take a moment to say that it is a constant delight when [livejournal.com profile] lavinialavender and I are talking about something (most often this ends up being Freak Camp, but, you know, there are other things as well) and our minds FUSE.

Today, there was a minor character we were debating killing. We had the doc written so that it could go either way (death or just REALLY serious injury) and it was getting awkward (seeing as it's Ch. 6, and we really should start the serious editing process and try to hit Ch. 7).

We decided on DEATH, and simultaneously, via IM, gave him two thumbs down, Roman style. You have failed, gladiator of minor characterness.

(Note: we haven't talked about bread and circus games, or Roman ANYTHING in...years? Several months at least. And the last time it was probably about graffiti or mythology or something)

And then we both happily squeed.

You know, by this time, having written about 200,000 words for Freak Camp and general melding our minds and encouraging each other, you'd think it wouldn't be a surprise when we think the same thing. But it always is. And it's always wonderful.

Lavinia, bust collaborator ever!
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Title: Sucasanna's Son
SHIELD CITY (prequel)
 I admit I have borrowed, bought, and stolen ideas my whole long life, but I claim this conglomerate, piecemeal mess as mine.
Haylan Sucasanna
language, references to attempted rape and incest
Word count:
Haylan Sucasanna has reasons to hate being his mother's son.
Beta Credit: [livejournal.com profile] lavinialavender read it over, but I expect my errors will creep out the second I post this...
Author notes:
This presents of Haylan's obsessions and character before he leaves home more than it is a story. What you need to know: his parents were both half-demons, so he is part-succubus/incubus, and lives in a small community of other demon-bred. His relationship with his family and the people around him more complex that this note can handle. Hopefully it makes sense in the fic. Concrit is welcome.

He was raised with monsters, but the only one he’s even been afraid of is her. )


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