Feb. 6th, 2011

SPN 6.12

Feb. 6th, 2011 01:08 am
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And now for some spoilers... )*bounces away happily*
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So, I was reading an author's pairing list, and it was non-standardly formatted, and, while I know now that my first impression of how many people were romantically involved with each other was wrong, I keep rolling this idea around in my head.

Ménage a huit.

It's kind of fascinating, in a dodecahedron, doesn't quite fit, now HOW WOULD THAT WORK? sort of way (this may be backlash from SPN 6.12 "Like a Virgin", just saying. I have the urge to think DIRTY THOUGHTS just to fight my stereotype). I think that ménage a huit sounds so much cooler than eightsome, even though I cannot manage to get the little mark to appear above the second 'a'.

Anyway, turns out ménage is a word all on its own, which means "members of a household" or "management of a household", without sexual implications.

Thus ménage a trois ("an arrangement in which three people share a sexual relationship, typically a domestic situation involving a married couple and a lover of one of them") translates literally into "a household of three". which...reminds me a lot of the Neal/Peter/Elizabeth ship from White Collar and seems suddenly so sweet I want to write.

We'll see whether I get to the trois or the huit (pronounced, in my head, as  twa and hweet, respectively) first. Or if I'll just default (Lord help me) to Wincest.


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