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Apr. 9th, 2011 08:42 pm
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 So, after three weeks or so of stalling, I finally watched it. 

[episode reaction]

I was intimidated by the title, honestly. "And Then There Were None" just smacks of complete disaster, the falls of walls, the end of the world and possibly another trip to heaven, and that was NOT something I wanted to see.


Does it say something bad about my psyche that I really really really enjoyed this episode? I mean, setting aside the gender fail*, the race fail**, and the rather tiresome reappearance of a minor minion to threaten PAIN UNTOLD to the Winchesters (or was that to hunters or humanity in general? I'm really confused about to whom the "you" in its sentences referred), I feel like this episode returned hardcore and unflinchingly to the Supernatural roots of "this TV show is a horror movie. Just shorter."

And I was certainly creeped THE ENTIRE WAY THROUGH, it was delightful, and horrible. Possibly I shouldn't have been laughing as much at some things, though. Like the "I <3 to polka" sign on the locker, or the way they all LEANED to see that one bomb.

It was creepy, I liked it. Also, it is DAMNED good for Sam to have his soul back and to have everyone NOTICE (*suspicious eyes* "There's something different about you...did you get a hair cut?" "No, it's my soul.") and also nice that Dean...Dean is forgiving, and also looking more dangerous this episode than many past (or have I just not been noticing because the plot got in the way?) I would NOT want both Winchester brothers following me to a bathroom, seriously. They looked more than willing to gank Samuel. 

Speaking of, poor Sam. "Wait, he wasn't possessed? Then...I just shot my grandfather because he was creepy. Well, great."

Show almost gave me a heart attack, though. Partially because I had to STOP after the Great Electrocution Party because my roommate came in and 1) Didn't want to completely ignore her in favor of squeeing and wailing at my computer 2) Didn't want to ignore her and be completely incoherent while watching very attractive men electrocute each other. IT WAS CREEPY. And a little sickening. Oh Sam and Dean, I love you for manning up INSTANTLY to getting zapped.

I don't know what's been up with me and SPN lately. I mean, it owns my soul but...we have not been liking each other lately. Maybe because Freak Camp has been more fun (yes, I'm talking about Part One, which probably means there's something broken in my soul) but TODAY *hugs episode* I'm happy.


*Dear Gwen, I'm sorry, now, that I made you a heartless, kick-ass bitch in Freak Camp. You seem to be a decent human being. BUT STILL, did you HAVE to die that fast? I don't even care if you died first because you're a woman, but you're also a hunter, could you have maybe...I don't know. *sigh*

**I'm not even sure if Rufus' death is race fail. Because, yes, he was black, but it seemed like a "wipe out all remaining minor character" day anyway, he NEVER turned evil, and he died fighting. Which is more than one can say for most of the rest of the Campbells...  

That is all.
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