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 Current favorite self-quote from editing tonight (Freak Camp Part 2, Ch. 3):

If you keep the stirring, the sluggishly should not be added

I think it sounds like a demented, very proper witch trying to make a recipe with only about half her marbles. If even that many.

* * *
Note: In case you're worried now, this quote is an excerpt from editing directions given to Lavinia and NOT an actual line for the fic. :D
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So I'm editing. Editing editing. And this chapter isn't eating my soul (and grinding it up) like some in the past, but it's slow going (like, I do about 500 words, and then I'm CONVINCED that I'm almost done, but I NEVER AM).

At one point, I realized I was deleting a lot and I thought "Oh no! What if this chapter isn't long enough?"

And then i checked how much I had LEFT to do and it was still hanging at around 4,000 words.

Bloody chapter. It will be long enough, or I'll know the reason why.
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 Well, huh.

Beneath the cut is a stream of consciousness snapshot of everything going on in my head right now. And footnotes.

My Life (This Moment) In 30 Lines: OR, Popcorn is contagious )

* * *

Footnotes )
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I'm probably channeling a bit too much torture and FC, because in conversation today, after reading one of [ profile] lavinialavender 's older fics, we had a chat and this was my stream of consciounsess ramble side of the conversation (she was much more coherent):'s been a LONG time since I saw/thought about Hellsing, so I'm trying to figure out if I can figure out what's going on...but the writing was lyrical, and lovely, and I'm just trying to nail down the details...
"Come here you pretty little details..." ::chases, nails in hand::

I think I need a break. I need to write about rainbows and unicorns or something. Wait, I do have that fic started with the killer unicorns, but that's NOT QUITE WHAT I MEANT.
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I am not always a careful, timely, detail-oriented or on-the-ball human being. [ profile] lavinialavender can tell you that I get distracted, and the best way to actually get me to do something (say, read excellent fanfic) is to gently remind OVER AND OVER again. Yes, nagging. Works really well.

To that end, I write myself lists. Hopefully I can get through everything in this post that I had written down. Life-and-Fandom Update!

--HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Yes, this is hideously late, but I have the excellent excuse that I was in Japan. Yes, there were Internets in Japan, but also excellent Real Life folk to interact with and NOODLES so many noodles. I’m not a huge fan of seaweed or red bean paste, but friends (and speaking English, OMG, yay!) are always wonderful.

--FREAK CAMP ROCKS! And the first three Chapters are available here and getting a REALY awesome response. Lavinia and I knew that this story rocked (no false modesty here, man, especially as it’s currently my favorite romancy novel of all time, and I’m WRITING it, which seems wrong on some level) but it has ROCKED OUR WORLD to have other people agree and squee and generally be happy about our SPN AU monster.

--Because it’s so awesome, Freak Camp gets TWO notes, but it has also been NOMINATED for best AU and best darkfic at [ profile] wicked_awards . NOMINATED FOR AMAZING. I may die in delight. The only thing keeping me from death here is that if I go, Lavinia will probably die from the shock and sadness, and then Monster By Any Other Name will probably not get finished, and that would be hideously sad. Yay!

--Aaaaand, wrote another SPN fic in the Dee universe here at [ profile] deewinchester . Though to say that I “wrote” it seems to imply that I cranked it out last night, when really it was hanging around in my “You’re almost done with this fic” pile, I added two paragraphs, sent it to Lavinia and am DONE. It’s good (though rather disturbingly hard) to write something that is not about Freak Camp.

--Though I have been writing original stuff! Like, today, Kev started getting more back story. Poor kid, I have a feeling that something horrible is going to happen by the end of this story I started scribbling today. Something more specifically horrible than the anticipated death of his mother and the realization that his father is a complete sociopath. Hmmm. Not sure what yet.

I’m currently in love with [ profile] copperbadge ’s Trace story. I love his writing, loved the original story that this story is evolving out of (maybe kinda stole it and put it in Word documents on my computer. Maybe.). Love it.

Hmmm, this post got longer than expected, and spawned itself, and generally did crazy things. But that’s okay. I do tend to ramble. And that list is done! Off to another…
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 I went to the Nanowrimo website this evening dutifully entered my word count (which I pushed for these last few days and achieved) but it a horrible cop out. i just went in there and entered the number of words I had written over the months (for Freak Camp) and it was just there, like I'm some crazy person that can crank out 50,000+ words in a day.

And I didn't even offer them concrete proof or anything (I would have uploaded something to the word counter but...the various things I've written are currently scattered across our MASSIVE GOOGLE DOC CONGLOMERATE (seriously folks, we have 8 documents for Freak Camp. Eight! Granted, no one has ventured into "notes" for quite a while...).

So, I feel silly, and like the whole Nano thing really didn't work this year, even though I MADE it, at least.

In GOOD news: THERE IS STUFF IN OUR FREAK CAMP COMMUNITY! Or will be really soon. It may be hidden at the moment.

Because I've been writing. Bloody heck, yes, I've been writing. Just haven't been able to show anyone....

Maybe tomorrow (in between packing; I'm going to Japan for a week!) I will finish and edit an Apo-verse story, just to have SOMETHING here.


In other news, addicted to fanfiction and can't stop watching Torchwood. Even though the first season is...inspiring for its potential and not at all for its completion.
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 So, a while ago I bought a cardboard liter of the cheapest sangria I could find (I would have bought cheap wine, or more expensive sangria, but I hate wasting money on things that don't actually make me happy, and my taste in wines/alcohols is rather hit or miss) in anticipation of celebrating the 100,000 word mark for Freak Camp with [ profile] lavinialavender .

Well, that milestone came and went on a weekend that I went offline to hang out with some wonderful Spanish coworker/friends and I drank, and she drank, but we did not do it together, or in a spirit of togetherness, nor in honor of Freak Camp (which is currently hanging around 115,300).

So I have sangria hanging around my shelves. And now I have been drinking and do not really want to write.

Oh, in a side note, we currently have an AU of our AU. One that is even more evil, because we put Sam in a concentration camp, and then don't actually try to make his life better when he leaves. Because we are evil. It's very distracting.


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