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 I feel that it has been ages since i posted. And it probably has been.

I have been doing a good deal of nothing. I went to Madrid (not as impressive as it sounds, currently living in Spain) trying to fly to Japan, and failed spectacularly (air traffic controller strike; rather a disaster). I then went to fairly boring place (though it was nice to actually go somewhere) and got sick and stayed home for the weekend. I have been watching Torchwood, season one (someday, there will be a post about that) and reading rather unhealthy amounts of fanfic by [ profile] copperbadge . I mean, the fic is EXCELLENT, it's just the amounts that are unhealthy. Though, without fanfic I wouldn't be able to read almost anything in English, so maybe it's satisfying a double hunger.

In WONDERFUL news, [ profile] lavinialavender and I have begun to actually post things on our [ profile] freac_camp community. Just the Prologue and the Introduction polished up for our Supernatural AU so far, but this is ridiculously exciting because it feels that we have been working on this for a long time and it has been kind of eating my soul. In October I wrote about at least 25,000 words for Freak Camp. In November I know I wrote 50,000 words because I kept track for Nanowrimo. And now some of that work is finally coming to life. It's so intense but satisfying as well.

I feel like jumping up and down and shouting "Look! See! I have actually been writing things these last two months!"

Though I guess that is what this post is. YAY! WORDS!
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 I went to the Nanowrimo website this evening dutifully entered my word count (which I pushed for these last few days and achieved) but it a horrible cop out. i just went in there and entered the number of words I had written over the months (for Freak Camp) and it was just there, like I'm some crazy person that can crank out 50,000+ words in a day.

And I didn't even offer them concrete proof or anything (I would have uploaded something to the word counter but...the various things I've written are currently scattered across our MASSIVE GOOGLE DOC CONGLOMERATE (seriously folks, we have 8 documents for Freak Camp. Eight! Granted, no one has ventured into "notes" for quite a while...).

So, I feel silly, and like the whole Nano thing really didn't work this year, even though I MADE it, at least.

In GOOD news: THERE IS STUFF IN OUR FREAK CAMP COMMUNITY! Or will be really soon. It may be hidden at the moment.

Because I've been writing. Bloody heck, yes, I've been writing. Just haven't been able to show anyone....

Maybe tomorrow (in between packing; I'm going to Japan for a week!) I will finish and edit an Apo-verse story, just to have SOMETHING here.


In other news, addicted to fanfiction and can't stop watching Torchwood. Even though the first season is...inspiring for its potential and not at all for its completion.
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 I just watched the SPN ep "You Can't Handle the Truth" and have 14 minutes to write something for my Nanowrimo and actually technically write something TODAY.

Very short things that may spoil, left out the refridgerator... )
And now I have 9 minutes to write something for Nano and still have it technically count for today. *sigh* Shane, hope you have something interesting to say.
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 So, Nano is going well, except I feel like an unfaithful witch.

I promised Shield City that I would do it. Swore up and down on various graves that may or may not have been related to me.

And I HAVE been writing Shield City. Daevis have 1000 new words about his personal pain about his relationship with his mother. That is my Nano, and still slightly behind, but let's be honest, I can make up 600+ words another day easily if the inspiration strikes.

But the thing is, I also wrote 4000 words for Freak Camp.

It's clear who Mom likes best. And it just makes me ashamed.

I STILL DON'T HAVE ANY LUGGAGE, DAMNIT. I really want the rest of my clothes. Really dearly want my blankets and things as well. And soap. And wash clothes and things. I want them. But they have not yet arrived. Drattit.


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