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The sun is sliding beneath the waves by the docks—another day without a job, any job, seriously you'd take anything from wresting sheep to butchering eels, what's it going to take to find a bit of employment around here?—when the man in the wide-brimmed had sidles up to you.

He has shifty, reddened eyes and smells like the burnt out cigarette clasped in his fist. 

"I hear you's lookin' for a job," he rasps. "I kin pay."

He doesn't look like the kind of guy who can pay anyone anything. But if he can...

"Yeah," you say. "Prove it."

The pouch he pulls out of his jacket is flaky leather, but when he loosens the top you see gold, bright shiny gold, so much of it that your mouth waters and your fingers twitch. 

"You in or out?" he asks.

Your throat is a little dry. It's been a hell of a long time since you've had a job, and longer—back in the bad old days, really—since you've seen that much gold laid out for the taking. 


You say "I'm in"


You grab the gold and run like hell.

Note: What is this? A twitch, an itch, a work in progress so worky it may never progress. I've been wanting to write some kind of Create/Choose Your Own Adventure-type story ever since I read the short story/parody "Down to the Scum Quarter" by Garth Nix and it feels like it would work ridiculously well on the internet, what with LINKS. 0_0  

Was going to Private Lock it and then decided "Heck, it's a fairly fun fragment, anyway!" And also unbeta'd, so, yeah, sorry.
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Lifted from a Gchat convo with (who else?) [ profile] lavinialavender :

Me: Religion should whisper and seduce, and folk should fall for it because it's the thing that feels so damn good you can't stop doing it...which, may, be why I also write porn...

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 Aaaand, I'm going posting crazy.

This following thing is Sad, and could possibly be Supernatural related. It's certainly SPN inspired, though how much I don't know. Might be a super-depressing rewrite of S4? I don't know, read at your own risk (confusion, at least, is more or less expected; I think it's too incoherent to have spoilers...)

* * *
The first line is always a lie... )

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In real life, I've lost an appendix and feel pretty much like crap, except for moments like this when I throw coherency to the wind and take a pain pill (in which case the word becomes all soft and warm, blurry and my back and stomach stop hurting).

In the other real world, I haven't been writing much (note the blurry part under pain pills), but my brain has been buzzing and apparently likes being in creepy world.

I was reading someone else's work (I don't think they are on LJ) and there were severed arms, so I wrote something about severed arms, not at all connected to the inspiration. Showed it to [ profile] lavinialavender and she said "You should post it!"

Original flash fiction, untitled, some profanity, and, yo, severed arms and obsession

So Something about severed arms )


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