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I'm probably channeling a bit too much torture and FC, because in conversation today, after reading one of [ profile] lavinialavender 's older fics, we had a chat and this was my stream of consciounsess ramble side of the conversation (she was much more coherent):'s been a LONG time since I saw/thought about Hellsing, so I'm trying to figure out if I can figure out what's going on...but the writing was lyrical, and lovely, and I'm just trying to nail down the details...
"Come here you pretty little details..." ::chases, nails in hand::

I think I need a break. I need to write about rainbows and unicorns or something. Wait, I do have that fic started with the killer unicorns, but that's NOT QUITE WHAT I MEANT.
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I have not been sleeping, and it is [ profile] lavinialavender's fault. We have started a massive SPN darkfic, heavily influenced by a mutually read romance novel. We have spent about eight scene/stories messing the hell out of Sam's head (he's growing up in a monster concentration camp) and are now trying to put him back together again. It keeps me up to 3:30 a.m., even when I have church to get up for at 6:30 (ended up being surprisingly functional: woot! coffee).

We thought about dividing the thing (tentatively called Freak Camp) according to characters, but I wanted to get in Sam's head, a LOT, but I'm better at the snarky Dean dialogue, so we abandoned that plan and are both just writing what we want. Lavinia gets the sex scenes by default, and I get the plot (I think this is because I want monsters, and monsters, drat them, require plot).

Part One was a Dream. It's planned, it's functional, it is going to give Sam and Dean issues that they aren't going to be able to fight their way out of easily without becoming stock fools (which we will not allow them to do). Part Two is being a thorny mess. We write things, and then they don't fit either with the plot or the emotional arc. I've moved a nightmare scenes six times, and I'm not convinced I deleted it every time. So if Sam keep having the same nightmare, it's my fault.

I'm very excited. As long as we can keep a similar enthusiasm going for a while longer, this may come together fairly quickly. Or at least the beginning could. Woot!
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 This is something I do when I can't sleep and somewhere, down deep where it's hard to look when it's not in poem or story form, I'm freaking out.

Sometimes it's my greatest fears, worst things that could ever happen, or things I would miss after the nuclear Apocalypse, things like that. Last night it was writing.

Each item is arranged from least to greatest.
Ten Things I Fear (as a Writer) )
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 Poems fall out of my head and dissolve like Jello.

Which is weird-speak for saying that after the weekend of amazing productivity (2 stories written, 2.5 stories edited, several things posted) my brain is burning out. I really want to finish my two Apo-verse fics but my brain is churning out poems. And poem fragments.


poem here )
I'm so used to monologuing to the empty air... )


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