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I have a theory about SPN that all main character reactions (and everything that elicits a profound emotional response in me) can be boiled down to Four Pillars.

Pillars and an outraged line about on S6 (the whole one episode that I've seen so far) )
The Zeroth Pillar is, of course, hotness, and that, thankfully, remains.
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Lists! And, because I'm mourning the loss of #7, maybe #3, #9 and #10 , and hoping they will all return in full force in later episodes.

Ranked roughly from greatest to least. Mild SPOILERS

10 Reasons I Love SPN )


Aug. 31st, 2010 03:01 am
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I was chatting with [ profile] lavinialavender the other night (when am I not?) and came up with a theory that clearly explains certain Supernatural season 5, last episode SPOILERS involving Chuck )

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Some day, when I get my butt in gear, and am not so distracted by WRITING it, I will be posting Supernatural fanfiction. Now, due to a lovely conversation, I have decided to identify, quantify and diversify the four pillars of Supernatural, those basic tenets of character interaction that motivate, guide, and manipulate ALL the major characters.

These are somewhere between religious observances and cardinal points on the compass. The show is always somewhere in here if it's doing it right (which it doesn't always, but I can complain about that later.

The four points are (in the order I like to write about them best):

LOVE--The greatest of these. Family, the boy's devotion, friendship, affection, protection all fall under this category.

OBSESSION--John dragged his kids around their entire lives to avenge his wife. Sam and Dean also care about a few things rather more deeply than is sane.

SELF-LOATHING--Every good character (except for the ridiculously well-balanced, boring one) has it eventually, but some go above and beyond.

STUPID STUPID FATE (aka, Wordsworth)--Depending on where you are in the show, you will understand. I don't like it, but it has to be taken in to account. Probably. Maybe. Ask me sometime for the rant on Wordsworth to understand why he is also in this category.

Possibly this last is the IRRITATING PILLAR, for all the things that I don't like in the show and try to ignore as often as possible. Certain episodes. Certain characters. Certain grand statements about life and trends. You understand.

As I find more pillars, I will share, but these, basically, form everything I write about. Actual examples coming soon!


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