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 Hey All,

Here's a question, especially if you are familiar with/have watched Torchwood.

The other day, I was listening to The Divine Comedy (Purgatorio specifically) while I walked (gotta love and free public domain audiobooks) and got an image of Captain Jack Harkness shamelessly flirting with souls on their way to heaven. 

SO. Anyone have any idea why (by all that is holy, unholy, alien, transdimensional, lucky, unlucky, literary or weird) Captain Jack Harkness would be leading Dante through the circles of Hell and Purgatory? Because I kinda want to write it but can't quite get it to make sense in my head...
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So, a couple days ago I was in a car going to Munich and had a lot of time to think. I was writing, too, not FC, unfortunately, but Shield City, an old, yet ongoing story that stumbles and wallows in its own details and the fact that I started it AGES ago. Certain things that were Canon and Truth when I was 13 are simply not true any more. Like, you know, the PLOT.

Anyway, I was scribbling, trying AGAIN to figure out what was going on (I'm attacking the Original Story again, though maybe after writing Freak Camp I'll have gained the skills to write about Halex Doversigh without getting hopelessly depressed) when I realized that one of my secondary characters, Haraan Demonrider (aka Shaman Emeritus of Windgrass Clan, aka Shane Rider's grandfather) is a chaotic, amusing, trickster pain-in-the-ass (think The Trickster, SPN style) crossed with a religious bigot. Or possibly Jeremiah of the Old Testament merged with Firesong from the Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey.

I've always really liked Haraan (or, as I tend to think of him, "Shane's Grandfather") but he makes 98% of people he meets nervous, pissed off, or both.  And, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure who the 2% are, or in what situations he meets them. He's going to be a bit more difficult to write than I originally suspected. Or maybe a bit more fun.
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 Sometimes I get excited about things, and my characters think I'm a bloody idiot.

Had a moment with Haylan (Sucasanna) today, because he got a fic posted, and my music is on random, more or less (I'm playing according to playcount, but I keep changing the keyword, so I gradually hear more and more obscure music from the depths of iTunes).

Haylan Sucasanna, songs from "Jekyll and Hyde", completely shot down )
Hmm, hopefully this post doesn't make me sound too nuts. Ah, well.


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