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 Either three haiku(s) or one awkward short poem about Winchester life and death. SPOILERS-ish through Season Five.

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 Yup, I'm out of order already. But these two things are short, and thus, I desire to post them NOW so I can tackle posting larger things with more italics (alas! the italics). Both are SPN genfic.

The first is a haiku. The title (which contains all the SPOILER info you should need) is "What Dean Said to the Demon (In a Hypothetical Situation, Season 3)."  

The next was inspired by [ profile] de_nugis 's prompt ("Sam's puppy-dog eyes turn out to be his next power") at [ profile] ratherastory 's crack-fic meme. I've always rather thought that Sam's puppy-dog eyes were a power that he just never noticed, and thankfully did not use for evil. This fic probably won't be posted at the meme because it's not cheery.

Title: Puppy-Dog Eyes
Characters: just Sam :(
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Word count:150
Spoilers: takes place between S3 and S4
Summary: Sam asks nicely.
Author notes: for once [ profile] lavinialavender has not intensively edited this piece,but hopefully, because it is so short, I will be able to manage it myself.

Puppy-Dog Eyes )

[ profile] lavinialavender and I were just going through lists of SPN fic we want to write, and it made me both saddened by how far my thoughts outreach my accomplishments, and ambitious to change that.


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