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For the last few summers I’ve kept track of the number of books I’ve read, but there was never a set starting or ending date for “summer”. Just when my finals and responsibilities were done and I got to escape from the required literature of my major.

But I think I’ve found my official New Year of Books date (April 28) because nothing says an end to responsibilities and the beginning of the fluff books like an emergency ovarian cyst surgery. ☺

This post is either:
1) bragging
2) basic record keeping, or
3) sharing the fruits of my quite enjoyable labors.

Probably a little of all, and LATE besides.

2010-11 Total: 56 read, 8 re-read )
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Lists! And, because I'm mourning the loss of #7, maybe #3, #9 and #10 , and hoping they will all return in full force in later episodes.

Ranked roughly from greatest to least. Mild SPOILERS

10 Reasons I Love SPN )
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 This is something I do when I can't sleep and somewhere, down deep where it's hard to look when it's not in poem or story form, I'm freaking out.

Sometimes it's my greatest fears, worst things that could ever happen, or things I would miss after the nuclear Apocalypse, things like that. Last night it was writing.

Each item is arranged from least to greatest.
Ten Things I Fear (as a Writer) )


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