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Crossposted 125ish word drabble from [ profile] lit_joy , the writing comm I recently joined.
Prompt was: write a drabble inspired by the lyrics to a song.
Warnings: you might not want to be eating anything.

* * *

(Stopping the Zombie Apocalypse,) That's What It's All About )
* * *
Author's Note: I should be so ashamed, but I'm really really not. The Hokey Pokey was the only song that stuck in my head and I caved. Also, there's a joke like this...
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Childcare today included mpreg and balls to the face. I was amused.


"balls to the face"--in a game that I pretended not to notice because everyone was having fun, a larger child permitted smaller children to throw bouncy balls (BIG bouncy balls, like, headsized) at his head and face, repeatedly. My theory: if I tell them to stop, they're going to start tackling each other, jumping off the equipment, or other things that seem much more likely to kill them.

"mpreg"--children love sticking balls into their shirts. I'm not completely sure that I'm supposed to permit this, but I do. One small boy kept coming up to me telling me that he was pregnant, that he was going to have a baby. One time I asked him if he wasn't maybe just fat (am I maybe not a good teacher? Eh, they haven't eaten each other yet) but, no, he was pregnant.

I almost asked him if there was going to be a wedding first, but decided that if I'm too cowardly to tackle explaining the basics of reproduction to a four-year-old, I should keep the jokes to myself.


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