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 I think that joining Live Journal has let me embrace both imperfection and also a level of creepiness that usually I have to think about for a long time before I'm comfortable showing it around.

Where did this come from? Not sure. I've been thinking about Steampunk for a while—a fascinating blend of genres and ideas— and also got a D. H. Lawrence book-on-tape from the library today. Also thinking about Howling Mad Murdock from the A-Team. And these combined into this creepy flash fic fragment? Perhaps so.

Title: Two Malts Please. Chocolate.
insanity? McDonald's?
Word count:
Author notes: 
original fic; no beta; uncertain antecedents (see above); undetermined future.

When she speaks it reminds him of poetry, but something dark... )When she speaks it reminds him of poetry, but something dark... )
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In real life, I've lost an appendix and feel pretty much like crap, except for moments like this when I throw coherency to the wind and take a pain pill (in which case the word becomes all soft and warm, blurry and my back and stomach stop hurting).

In the other real world, I haven't been writing much (note the blurry part under pain pills), but my brain has been buzzing and apparently likes being in creepy world.

I was reading someone else's work (I don't think they are on LJ) and there were severed arms, so I wrote something about severed arms, not at all connected to the inspiration. Showed it to [ profile] lavinialavender and she said "You should post it!"

Original flash fiction, untitled, some profanity, and, yo, severed arms and obsession

So Something about severed arms )


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