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Crossposted 125ish word drabble from [ profile] lit_joy , the writing comm I recently joined.
Prompt was: write a drabble inspired by the lyrics to a song.
Warnings: you might not want to be eating anything.

* * *

(Stopping the Zombie Apocalypse,) That's What It's All About )
* * *
Author's Note: I should be so ashamed, but I'm really really not. The Hokey Pokey was the only song that stuck in my head and I caved. Also, there's a joke like this...
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Let's Play the Drunk-and-Miserable Game )

* * *

This poem comes from when I was a good deal more sad and lonely in Spain than I am now. And also from the fact that there is no good way to talk about drinking alone that doesn't come off as depressing (I don't like going outside my house, and then becoming intoxicated around strangers whose language I'm not even 95% effective in; why is that more socially acceptable than having a few glasses of wine in one's apartment? SEE, EVEN THERE, IT LOOKS DEPRESSING.)

Apparently, I was planning to make this into a song. Hmmm, now where did that melody go...
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Title: We All Sleep Alone
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart. And won't give it back. And won't pay me for it.
Sam/Jess, Dean/ofc
PG (for language)
Word count:
none, Stanford Era
Beta: [ profile] lavinialavender read it, but then life ate her, so I did the final grammar check. Remaining fail is mine.
You’ve got to be strong when you’re out on your own, but sooner or later we all sleep alone.
Author notes #2: Usually, I SWEAR, I don’t combine Cher and Supernatural in my head. The styles just don’t fit. But every time I hear this song I see the boys missing each other. Possibly it’s the closet Wincest fan in my that says they are always alone if they’re not with each other. This was eventually going to be an Apo-verse fic (for some reason, ANYTHING goes in the Apo-verse, possibly it’s the deer!Impala) and a version may be in that verse some day, but this just came out gen.
Author Note #2: Even as I post this, I don't think I quite nailed what I wanted to say, but I was sick of having it floating around, almost done, in Gdocs. Fic is fic, yeah?

Sooner or later we all sleep alone... )
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 Sometimes I get excited about things, and my characters think I'm a bloody idiot.

Had a moment with Haylan (Sucasanna) today, because he got a fic posted, and my music is on random, more or less (I'm playing according to playcount, but I keep changing the keyword, so I gradually hear more and more obscure music from the depths of iTunes).

Haylan Sucasanna, songs from "Jekyll and Hyde", completely shot down )
Hmm, hopefully this post doesn't make me sound too nuts. Ah, well.


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