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   transitive verb: to cause to emerge; discharge
   intransitive verb: 1. to march into open ground "troops debouching from town";
                               2. emerge, issue "rivers debouching into the sea"

Not to be confused with...

   1. (archaic) to make disloyal; to seduce from chastity
   2. to lead away from virtue or excellence; to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality

Note: now my brain wants to create a pun. A complex, dirty pun that will make no sense to anyone but someone who has read these exact definitions. There's something about "cause to emerge, discharge".... Alas, the heart is willing, but the brain is lethargic (and the rest of me is grateful that I checked the spelling that one time, or this would have been so wrong).
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So, I was reading an author's pairing list, and it was non-standardly formatted, and, while I know now that my first impression of how many people were romantically involved with each other was wrong, I keep rolling this idea around in my head.

Ménage a huit.

It's kind of fascinating, in a dodecahedron, doesn't quite fit, now HOW WOULD THAT WORK? sort of way (this may be backlash from SPN 6.12 "Like a Virgin", just saying. I have the urge to think DIRTY THOUGHTS just to fight my stereotype). I think that ménage a huit sounds so much cooler than eightsome, even though I cannot manage to get the little mark to appear above the second 'a'.

Anyway, turns out ménage is a word all on its own, which means "members of a household" or "management of a household", without sexual implications.

Thus ménage a trois ("an arrangement in which three people share a sexual relationship, typically a domestic situation involving a married couple and a lover of one of them") translates literally into "a household of three". which...reminds me a lot of the Neal/Peter/Elizabeth ship from White Collar and seems suddenly so sweet I want to write.

We'll see whether I get to the trois or the huit (pronounced, in my head, as  twa and hweet, respectively) first. Or if I'll just default (Lord help me) to Wincest.


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