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Lifted from IM conversation:

     How did Hemmingway managed to write when he drank so much? *

Lavinia *seriously*:
     Hemmingway had lots of practice

D  *agrees*:
     Lots and lots and lots of practice.
     Also, I think you have to have issues

* * *

I love friends. :-)

*Note: I have discovered that after about one glass of wine I become incapable of writing anything but REALLY abstract, lyrical poetry and/or fic. And if The Sun Also Rises is to believed and translated into reality, Hemmingway was at least tipsy constantly...*shakes head in amazement* 

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Tonight, walking to the library for a lecture I mainly ignored in favor of writing for Freak Camp, I got very wet. It is raining TORRENTIALLY in Toledo, Spain tonight.

Like you could download shit from that rain.


Aaaaaaand, yes, I posted this entire thing, ONLY so I could repeat that joke I made IMing Lavinia. It TOTALLY IS RAINING. But maybe not to downloading levels...
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 Fact: I do not speak Spanish well enough to notice, generally, if someone is talking about me behind my back, because, you know, I have trouble keeping up with direct face-to-face coversation about foods that I'm eating. Just don't use my name, and you could probably talk about my laundry hanging, floor washing skills (or lack thereof) all you wanted.

Fact: I am, however, observant enough to notice when someone is hushing the the other people in the room every time I walk through the door.

Thanks for the paranoia burst, Roommate!

Just so you know, I talk about you, too.
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 I feel that it has been ages since i posted. And it probably has been.

I have been doing a good deal of nothing. I went to Madrid (not as impressive as it sounds, currently living in Spain) trying to fly to Japan, and failed spectacularly (air traffic controller strike; rather a disaster). I then went to fairly boring place (though it was nice to actually go somewhere) and got sick and stayed home for the weekend. I have been watching Torchwood, season one (someday, there will be a post about that) and reading rather unhealthy amounts of fanfic by [ profile] copperbadge . I mean, the fic is EXCELLENT, it's just the amounts that are unhealthy. Though, without fanfic I wouldn't be able to read almost anything in English, so maybe it's satisfying a double hunger.

In WONDERFUL news, [ profile] lavinialavender and I have begun to actually post things on our [ profile] freac_camp community. Just the Prologue and the Introduction polished up for our Supernatural AU so far, but this is ridiculously exciting because it feels that we have been working on this for a long time and it has been kind of eating my soul. In October I wrote about at least 25,000 words for Freak Camp. In November I know I wrote 50,000 words because I kept track for Nanowrimo. And now some of that work is finally coming to life. It's so intense but satisfying as well.

I feel like jumping up and down and shouting "Look! See! I have actually been writing things these last two months!"

Though I guess that is what this post is. YAY! WORDS!
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 So, I'm in Spain (and, paperwork willing, will be here for several months) and I think that I bought the worst powdered coffee possible.

I really just wanted something that would painlessly transfer caffeine to my nervous system and what I ended up with is something that is half-burnt and half-bitter and completely unappetizing.

Unless I'm mixing something wrong.

Anyway, I have now dissolved a spoonful of Nutella (I am also out of bread, so it's not like the Nutella would get any better use anyway) into the large cup of horrible coffee and it is getting more appetizing, and soon there will be "leche semisenatada" which I BELIEVE is 2%ish milk added (and it has extra calcium, too!) and maybe it will actually be enjoyable.

Next time I buy horrible powdered coffee I'm going for the espresso cappuccino types. The ones that come with their own sugar.


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