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Welcome to my journal! This is an odd mix of fanfiction (mainly for Supernatural), original fiction, and life commentary. I try to be interesting, bouncy, and not too crazy. Below is my master list of fic, which will hopefully become fatter soon. 



Freak Camp: A Monster By Any Other Name
         -AU Supernatural novel written with [ profile] lavinialavender , posted at [ profile] freac_camp  

Shorter Work

Masterlist )
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 Current favorite self-quote from editing tonight (Freak Camp Part 2, Ch. 3):

If you keep the stirring, the sluggishly should not be added

I think it sounds like a demented, very proper witch trying to make a recipe with only about half her marbles. If even that many.

* * *
Note: In case you're worried now, this quote is an excerpt from editing directions given to Lavinia and NOT an actual line for the fic. :D
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So I'm editing. Editing editing. And this chapter isn't eating my soul (and grinding it up) like some in the past, but it's slow going (like, I do about 500 words, and then I'm CONVINCED that I'm almost done, but I NEVER AM).

At one point, I realized I was deleting a lot and I thought "Oh no! What if this chapter isn't long enough?"

And then i checked how much I had LEFT to do and it was still hanging at around 4,000 words.

Bloody chapter. It will be long enough, or I'll know the reason why.
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 Yay friends!

We were discussing a pokemon that leeches power from its enemies.

Me: Sun Tzu says: "Whenever possible, take things from your enemy"
(I was listening to The Art of War last time I went walking)

Oseike: ahahaha
it's a smart move
cuz then they don't have it

It's a rare person willing (and able) to clearly state the obvious JUST to tease me. 

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Title: The Call
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't profit
Sam, Ben
background main character death, suicidal thoughts (but no actions), depression
Word count:
general spoilers through half of S6
Dean goes in his sleep, and Sam has to go on as best he can.
Beta Thanks!:
[info]lavinialavender read this over but final proofing was mine. Be warned!
Author notes:
This is a timestamp for Hell Shall Not Wash Us Away. You can probably read it by itself, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Can you say freakin’ depressing…

A week after Dean died, Sam called Ben... )
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For the last few summers I’ve kept track of the number of books I’ve read, but there was never a set starting or ending date for “summer”. Just when my finals and responsibilities were done and I got to escape from the required literature of my major.

But I think I’ve found my official New Year of Books date (April 28) because nothing says an end to responsibilities and the beginning of the fluff books like an emergency ovarian cyst surgery. ☺

This post is either:
1) bragging
2) basic record keeping, or
3) sharing the fruits of my quite enjoyable labors.

Probably a little of all, and LATE besides.

2010-11 Total: 56 read, 8 re-read )
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Title: Hell Shall Not Wash Us Away
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys. But I sure like messing them up…
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
PG-13 (for language)
Word count: ~
Beta Thanks:
Yay [info]lavinialavender! Hugs her. She valiantly slaughtered hordes of grammar fail. What remains is still my fault.
Summary: The problem with permanent damage to the soul is that death does nothing to fix it. The first thing Sam sees when he gets to Heaven is Dean. The second is the wall...
Author Note #1: Now with TIMESTAMP: The Call.
Author Note #2: This is only my second comment!meme fic, and way too fun. [info]de_nugis ’s lovely, complete prompt (containing fic spoilers) is here at:

Sam has been mildly afraid of death since they both visited Heaven... )
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Title: Words in the Dark
Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from SPN (or Merlin. This ‘verse is clearly some kind of hybrid, like a coydog).
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
positively portrayed religion?
PG (and this only because I tend to round up)
Word count:
none: preseries AU
Sam reads every night in the chapel. It was Dean’s idea.
Author notes:
This is my third in a medieval AU series. It may not make much sense without reading Sir Dean vs the Griffin and Confessions first.
Yay Beta!: [ profile] lavinialavender betad. And then I changed things and she hasn’t seen it since. This is happening more often lately. And there are more typoes. THIS INVERSE EQUATION JUST MAKES SENSE.

Dean’s still proud—maybe just a little smug—that it was his idea... )
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Title: A Man, a Rope, a Tree
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart.
Sam, Dean
hanging, strangulation, mention of OC mutilation
Word count:
set S6ish? No particular spoilers
Sam remembers a lot, actually. He just doesn’t remember how he got on the tree.
Author notes:
I actually have a lot to say, but that's why there are footnotes at the end. :) Yay, thank you to [ profile] lavinialavender for beta-ing! And then I went and changed things. All mistakes remain my own.


Sam isn’t sure how he got here. Nor is he quite sure why he’s still alive... )

* * *
Footnotes! )
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 Here, have MORE fic, courtesy of the Barcelona bus ride. 

Title: You Remember Being Dead
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart.
Samuel Campbell, mentions of everyone else
Samuel is a jerk, but he has his reasons. But it does mean he doesn't have very much family solidarity.
Word count:
through about the middle of S6
Samuel Campbell doesn't much like his grandsons, but then again, he's never met them.
Author notes:
[ profile] lavinialavender also read this one, but I think I'm posting it before any actual beta-ing took place.  Be warned! The idea that Samuel Campbell really never met the Winchesters when they weren't completely messed up has been in my head since we found out what Sam's problem was. Granddad Campbell is not a nice man, but, much like John Winchester, he does have justification for the jerkface things he does...

You don’t know what’s harder to believe, that Mary married that pretty, clean-cut Winchester whelp or that he became a serious hunter after her death...And then you meet Sam. )
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 HERE, have some fic. Courtesy of the 8 hour bus ride to Barcelona

Title: The Language of Hell
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart. And won't give it back. And won't pay me for it.
mild mentions of torture in Hell
Word count:
takes place in S4
Dean always enjoyed his pop-culture, but he picked up different reference points in Hell.
Author notes:
[ profile] lavinialavender read it, but didn't beta exactly...

It took Dean months to learn how to speak again... )
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 Well, huh.

Beneath the cut is a stream of consciousness snapshot of everything going on in my head right now. And footnotes.

My Life (This Moment) In 30 Lines: OR, Popcorn is contagious )

* * *

Footnotes )
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 Hey All,

Here's a question, especially if you are familiar with/have watched Torchwood.

The other day, I was listening to The Divine Comedy (Purgatorio specifically) while I walked (gotta love and free public domain audiobooks) and got an image of Captain Jack Harkness shamelessly flirting with souls on their way to heaven. 

SO. Anyone have any idea why (by all that is holy, unholy, alien, transdimensional, lucky, unlucky, literary or weird) Captain Jack Harkness would be leading Dante through the circles of Hell and Purgatory? Because I kinda want to write it but can't quite get it to make sense in my head...
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Greeting invisible people who don't know I'm here!

This is a testing post. I am testing. This is just a test. 

And, things seem to work, look, seem, function just like LJ, just maybe without the fail. Good times. *waves*

SPN 6.16

Apr. 9th, 2011 08:42 pm
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 So, after three weeks or so of stalling, I finally watched it. 

episode reaction: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS )That is all.
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Title: Surcease From Pain
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart. And won't give it back. And won't pay me for it.
Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Death
torture and sensory deprivation
Word count:
AU starting from S6.11: there is no Wall and this is not your canon Cage.
Sam is, in the end, just a little soul, and for him it's just blackness.
Beta Thanks: Yay [info]lavinialavender ! (and [info]whereupon for reading). But I refuse to give them credit for remaining grammar mistakes. Those are MINE.
Author notes:
I wrote this for no greater reason than, when browsing the tags at [ profile] ohsam , I got really sad that "touch starvation" had never been used (i wanted to read that fic!) so I wrote it  myself. If I keep not wanting to edit Freak Camp I may tackle "strangulation/hanging" next...
Random note: every time I think, say or write "this is not your canon Cage" I want there to be a canon cage match, SPN meets professional wrestling or something. And in THIS corner, your champion! Sammy-boy Winchester...

Sam felt it when his body went. At first he was just grateful.  )

* * *
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 Either three haiku(s) or one awkward short poem about Winchester life and death. SPOILERS-ish through Season Five.

They Get Around )
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Crossposted 125ish word drabble from [ profile] lit_joy , the writing comm I recently joined.
Prompt was: write a drabble inspired by the lyrics to a song.
Warnings: you might not want to be eating anything.

* * *

(Stopping the Zombie Apocalypse,) That's What It's All About )
* * *
Author's Note: I should be so ashamed, but I'm really really not. The Hokey Pokey was the only song that stuck in my head and I caved. Also, there's a joke like this...
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The sun is sliding beneath the waves by the docks—another day without a job, any job, seriously you'd take anything from wresting sheep to butchering eels, what's it going to take to find a bit of employment around here?—when the man in the wide-brimmed had sidles up to you.

He has shifty, reddened eyes and smells like the burnt out cigarette clasped in his fist. 

"I hear you's lookin' for a job," he rasps. "I kin pay."

He doesn't look like the kind of guy who can pay anyone anything. But if he can...

"Yeah," you say. "Prove it."

The pouch he pulls out of his jacket is flaky leather, but when he loosens the top you see gold, bright shiny gold, so much of it that your mouth waters and your fingers twitch. 

"You in or out?" he asks.

Your throat is a little dry. It's been a hell of a long time since you've had a job, and longer—back in the bad old days, really—since you've seen that much gold laid out for the taking. 


You say "I'm in"


You grab the gold and run like hell.

Note: What is this? A twitch, an itch, a work in progress so worky it may never progress. I've been wanting to write some kind of Create/Choose Your Own Adventure-type story ever since I read the short story/parody "Down to the Scum Quarter" by Garth Nix and it feels like it would work ridiculously well on the internet, what with LINKS. 0_0  

Was going to Private Lock it and then decided "Heck, it's a fairly fun fragment, anyway!" And also unbeta'd, so, yeah, sorry.
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Lifted from IM conversation:

     How did Hemmingway managed to write when he drank so much? *

Lavinia *seriously*:
     Hemmingway had lots of practice

D  *agrees*:
     Lots and lots and lots of practice.
     Also, I think you have to have issues

* * *

I love friends. :-)

*Note: I have discovered that after about one glass of wine I become incapable of writing anything but REALLY abstract, lyrical poetry and/or fic. And if The Sun Also Rises is to believed and translated into reality, Hemmingway was at least tipsy constantly...*shakes head in amazement* 


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