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Title: Hell Shall Not Wash Us Away
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys. But I sure like messing them up…
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
PG-13 (for language)
Word count: ~
Beta Thanks:
Yay [info]lavinialavender! Hugs her. She valiantly slaughtered hordes of grammar fail. What remains is still my fault.
Summary: The problem with permanent damage to the soul is that death does nothing to fix it. The first thing Sam sees when he gets to Heaven is Dean. The second is the wall...
Author Note #1: Now with TIMESTAMP: The Call.
Author Note #2: This is only my second comment!meme fic, and way too fun. [info]de_nugis ’s lovely, complete prompt (containing fic spoilers) is here at:

Sam has been mildly afraid of death since they both visited Heaven... )
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 Title: When an Angel Needs Cat Chow
Castiel, Bobby, kitty!Dean, kitty!Sam
PG (for language)
Word count:
middle of S5, same time as "Hell Hath No Furry..."
Sam and Dean are kittens and Castiel goes to Bobby for help
Author notes:
This is a timestamp for "Hell Hath No Furry..." If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said I had no serious ideas for expanding on Kittychesters, but then (you guessed it) I was talking with [ profile] lavinialavender and this just came out. She also beta'd for me. Enjoy!

The angel shows up at the junkyard... )
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And at last, I am posting a fic! Not the first SPN fic I ever wrote (and I originally planned to go chronologically) but this is for the best friend and writing partner ever, [ profile] lavinialavender 's birthday. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPY BIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAY!!! Yes, posted late, but I gave it to her on time, drattit! :)

Title: Hell Hath No Furry...
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG
Word count: 3040
Spoilers: this takes place sometime in the middle of season 5. I don't have a specific spot. Be warned!
Summary: Sam and Dean are changed into the cutest kittens in creation. Cas puts them in his pockets and crap goes down.
Author notes: This is in response to [ profile] mimblexwimble 's prompt ("Sam and Dean have turned into the cutest kittens in all of creation. Castiel keeps them in his trenchcoat pockets.") in [ profile] dante_s_hell 's comment fic meme. Great thanks also go to [ profile] lavinialavender for being my beta. She made sure that my grammar didn't suck and that my messed up tenses could relax.

So, here it is Hell Hath No Furry... )

And, every story, at least for SPN has a wealth of tiny details that whether or not I want to get them %100 accurate, I want to at least try. And, I go through dozens of random thoughts, and thoroughly enjoy building inside jokes so “inside” that they are practically outside again. This little section is to share all of this, so you can see my (frightening) thought process and learn some random knowledge to impress your friends at the next SPN after-party.

And so, my footnotes (that are not actually noted in the story, sorry) are THUS: footnotes of happiness )

Final note: I do not own SPN, nor gain money from this, or anything but happiness and writing practice. And I am not actually that familiar with kitten development. Any errors in the cat behavior herein contained can be explained either by 1) magic or 2) my ignorance. That, I did not fact-check. Enjoy!

A new development! I have written a timestamp (When an Angels Needs Cat Chow)  here


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