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Let's Play the Drunk-and-Miserable Game )

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This poem comes from when I was a good deal more sad and lonely in Spain than I am now. And also from the fact that there is no good way to talk about drinking alone that doesn't come off as depressing (I don't like going outside my house, and then becoming intoxicated around strangers whose language I'm not even 95% effective in; why is that more socially acceptable than having a few glasses of wine in one's apartment? SEE, EVEN THERE, IT LOOKS DEPRESSING.)

Apparently, I was planning to make this into a song. Hmmm, now where did that melody go...
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 Meal of strange tonight. I have to go shopping tomorrow, which mean I am simultaneously running low on fresh food, and trying to use up what I have.

So, there was cabbage and butter (which traditionally goes with spaghetti noodles, cooked in chicken broth, though I decided to skip the chicken broth…), so I threw that together, with some garlic and little bitty cayenne peppers. I waffled about adding a can of tuna, but decided I didn’t want to, but ended up throwing in my leftover shredded cheese, about two tablespoons of this sesame seed dressing I got in Japan, and an egg. I mixed the egg in really well (and cooked it really well, because Japan has taught me I really don’t like undercooked eggs) and the whole thing tastes like a weird cabbage alfredo.

Funny note, I added the egg because I have a Japanese packaged soup that says “to make more delicious” I should add an egg. I still haven’t made the soup, but this noodle thing is certainly more delicious with an egg.

Shopped today, and was saddened because everyone in Spain seems to be at least two sized smaller than me. And I really need pants. I’m surviving off two pairs at the moment and that really cuts down on my options when I don’t have a clothes dryer and I end up washing something.

In other news, feeling kind of lonely today. I’d say homesick, but I that only works if you define “home” strictly as the people. I think this particular bout of melancholy was brought on because I was thinking a lot today about Real Life and Internet life and how both of mine are currently being supported by the Internet. I’ve become a lot more aware of time zones since coming to Spain. Wisconsin, Texas, Tokyo, Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ukraine. If I get up at six a.m., I get an hour to chat with at least Lavinia and Oseike, sometimes even MORE people, before I go to work (that spans about 15 hours of the globe right there).

I should go and edit Freak Camp Ch. 7, but I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t actually cheer me up.

But, speaking of, Chapter 5 goes live tomorrow! And Chapter Five makes me happy, so I think we’re good again.


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