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"Weekend at Bobby's"

Pre-commentary chatter: Today at work the children were obedient and NOT eating each other's arms off, except for one small boy that is not actually old enough to play the games he wants to on the computer. And, honestly, I do not WANT to help him figure out how to jump and move around, because I don't know how, and have only minimal interest in learning.

Tonight's dinner was salmon, with a strong wine that went straight to my head (wheee, the world was spinning) and a bean salad. I offered to do dishes, but Mom was impatient and so I did NOT have to. Always nice. Then we watched "No Ordinary Family", about a family that develops super powers (FINALLY playing at a time when it doesn't conflict with everything I like to watch) and it was okay, but slow.

Actual, SPOILER FILLED, commentary )
Final reaction: that was nice. *shrug*

Now I am going to go and see if I can actually think about/write/edit anyone that is not SPN.
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 Started watching S4 of Supernatural again today. And thus...wrote this.

I'm not convinced this is the best interpretation of the boy's relationship in season 4, but it's definitely a possibility.

Title: Instincts from Hell
Dean, Bobby
meditation on (no graphic depiction of) torture
PG-13 for language and torture
Word count:
happens first ep. S4, but forshadows the series
Dean is back and even the little answers aren't quite what they seem.
Author notes: Started watching S4 again, and was thinking about how people react to Dean, and how he reacts to them when he comes back. It's all off. Just trying to nail down what I think is going through his head. This is a possible interpretation. Thanks, always to my amazing beta, fandom facilitator, and number 1 SPN obsession buddy [ profile] lavinialavender . 

When Bobby asks him what he remembers... )

*   *   *   
You know, I put the first DVD of S4 in to eat my late lunch, and pretty soon I was on the fourth episode *stares* Amazing how quickly it captures me again.
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 Title: When an Angel Needs Cat Chow
Castiel, Bobby, kitty!Dean, kitty!Sam
PG (for language)
Word count:
middle of S5, same time as "Hell Hath No Furry..."
Sam and Dean are kittens and Castiel goes to Bobby for help
Author notes:
This is a timestamp for "Hell Hath No Furry..." If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said I had no serious ideas for expanding on Kittychesters, but then (you guessed it) I was talking with [ profile] lavinialavender and this just came out. She also beta'd for me. Enjoy!

The angel shows up at the junkyard... )


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