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For the last few summers I’ve kept track of the number of books I’ve read, but there was never a set starting or ending date for “summer”. Just when my finals and responsibilities were done and I got to escape from the required literature of my major.

But I think I’ve found my official New Year of Books date (April 28) because nothing says an end to responsibilities and the beginning of the fluff books like an emergency ovarian cyst surgery. ☺

This post is either:
1) bragging
2) basic record keeping, or
3) sharing the fruits of my quite enjoyable labors.

Probably a little of all, and LATE besides.

2010-11 Total: 56 read, 8 re-read )
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 Hey All,

Here's a question, especially if you are familiar with/have watched Torchwood.

The other day, I was listening to The Divine Comedy (Purgatorio specifically) while I walked (gotta love and free public domain audiobooks) and got an image of Captain Jack Harkness shamelessly flirting with souls on their way to heaven. 

SO. Anyone have any idea why (by all that is holy, unholy, alien, transdimensional, lucky, unlucky, literary or weird) Captain Jack Harkness would be leading Dante through the circles of Hell and Purgatory? Because I kinda want to write it but can't quite get it to make sense in my head...
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    ~pre-series, PG, more-or-less shipless, one gratuitous lit reference

The Winchesters prefer... )

* * *
This poem in no way, shape or form supports Bartleby, the Scrivener, a novella by Herman Melville. But, linkage is provided so you can get the reference, too. Though I completely understand if you prefer not to. :P

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 My brain is spinning pointlessly this week, but I made soup. Let's hope that lentils cure the blues.

In other news, let me share with you the first three lines of a Spanish book for three year olds titled El gatito Marramiau, which I have chosen to translate as Marramiau the Kitty


Marramiau the Kitty was sitting on his roof when he received a letter.

In the letter, he was asked if he would like to marry a pretty, white she-kitty. 

It was such a surprise that he fell off the roof.

The book goes on to say how he had to get carted off to the hospital and all the cats cried and all the mice danced (and played the trumpet) until he was revived by the scent of fish. Either I really know how to pick 'em (the first Spanish children's book I read was called The Merchants of the Devil and started off with an illegitimate child being abandoned in a slum; the second-most-recent involved urine rather more than usual, though it was funny) or Spanish children's books are more willing to embrace disaster and destruction than those back home.

Then again, my sample is small. And the more advanced version of Marramiau's story here (sorry, all of these are in Spanish) seems to make more sense and is also funnier.

Though for some reason, I can't stop laughing at It was such a surprise that he fell off the roof.


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